Wednesday, 20 May 2009

How to Avoid 2 of the Top Work From Home Mistakes.

Working from home has great benefits. You work your own hours, and you don't have to spend hours commuting. Making money from working at Home can be very rewarding. There are great opportunities now with the Internet to make a comfortable amount of Money, making $5000-$10000 from your Home base Business is not an unreasonable number at all. In fact making over $10,000 is relatively easy in comparison to working a 9-5 job. You probably thinking right now, "If it's so easy why so many people fail at it" That answer is simple a lot of us are terrible at working without someone looking over our backs. Let's take a look at some of the biggest work from home mistakes.

Number 1, No time management: Once a budding work from home entrepreneur decides to setup and make money from home. The first mistake he or she makes is not making a detail plan on how they are going to go about running the day to day work from home Business. Having your Business and working from home possess some very unique problems. You normally don't deal with when working away from your house. Personal calls from mom making sure you wear your sweater today, friends stopping by to hang out, and neighbors stopping by for a cup of sugar. Not to mention if you have young kids, nothing makes you feel guilty like your young child asking you to play with them while you try to write your marketing plan up for your business. You have to plan out your day and stick to the plan. I have a large white board in my home office that I plan out all the things I Need to do for the week with the amount of time I need to do each task. I also have a smaller board I use to plan out each day. You have to plan to win when you work from home, No plan is a plan to lose.

Number 2, Not working enough hours: One of the next biggest mistakes made and I blame work at home Gurus for this, is working only a few hours a day, or even worse a week. This is the worse information given to people trying to make a living with their home base business, whether it's real estate, Internet marketing, selling stuff on eBay or other online sale sites, or selling stuff out of your garage for a matter of fact. Start up business takes lots of work normally a lot more work than a typical 9-5. It's the reason for the big payoffs. It's not unusual to have to put in 60+ hours a week on your start up work at home business. Probably wonder with all that hours, why do it? The answer to that question is easy. You need to spend that time building a business model that can become more and more efficient at generating money for you while you are not working.

Working from home is great, one of the best way to gain control of your life financially. But it requires planning and discipline. You need to have great not good but great Time management skills. You have to put in the hours, make sure you making the absolute best out of the time you have. Make sure the time you put in builds a model that allows your business to work for you. I hope this helps you avoid these mistakes. A lot of people make mistakes like these when starting, but avoiding them will get you making lots of money much sooner.
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